Thank you for choosing Binance Kit, your all-in-one solution for efficient Binance account management and copy trading. This documentation is designed to guide you through the setup, features, and usage of Binance Kit, ensuring you can make the most of this powerful tool.

What is Binance Kit?

Binance Kit is a versatile tool that simplifies your interaction with the Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform. It provides seamless access to various features, including third-party account management, trade execution, and the ability to create favorite traderooms for copying trades across multiple accounts simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Binance Account Management (Third-party):

    With Binance Kit, you can easily add and manage multiple Binance accounts using their API keys and secret keys. This streamlines your trading activities, allowing you to monitor and control your accounts from a single dashboard.

  • Copy Trading:

    Binance Kit empowers you to create favorite traderooms and copy trades across multiple accounts simultaneously. This feature enables you to follow the strategies of experienced traders and potentially boost your trading performance.

  • IP and Account Limit Rate Management:

    Binance, like other exchanges, imposes limitations on both IP addresses and user accounts for client API calls. The Binance Kit effectively calculates, monitors, and manages these limits to prevent IP address and account blocking on the exchange.

  • Support for Both Main net and Testnet:

    The Binance Kit provides support for both the Mainnet and Testnet, offering you a platform to thoroughly test all functionalities before engaging in real trading.